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Different icon for May 25

And if you don't know why, go read Terry Pratchett's Night Watch.

Today was a rather downer day for zombie running. Woke up at 7:30 and it was already in the mid-80's for both temperature and humidity. My right Achilles tendon was still killing me and now my knee had decided to join in for fun. Also, my guts have been in a coup since early Wednesday evening, so I already knew I wasn't going to be making any great strides (ha) in upping the workout.

Did manage to do two jogging intervals over the length of the mission, but still dragged my speed back down to a 17:19/mile rather than 15:03. Blarg. Interestingly enough, when watching me on the second interval, Fox noticed something odd: when I'm walking, I roll to the outsides of my feet. I've known this for years just by the way my shoes wear down. But when I was jogging, I was rolling to the outside on my left foot and inside on my right. Not sure yet whether this is a consistent thing or just a subconscious compensation for the ankle pain on that side, but it's probably what's making my knee angry. Will see again on Monday what's up. Maybe I just played too much EQ when I was younger and I'm automatically trying to run diagonally for a speed boost. :P

Amusing bit of the day: While the voice-acted parts of Zombies, Run! are fantastically done and clear as a bell, the text-to-speech electronic voice that lets you know when you've picked up supplies is occasionally faily in hilarious ways. Our current favorite is the fact that it apparently can't say "book". Any time one of us picks one up, the voice says "YOU HAVE COLLECTED A BUH." Which of course, reminded me of this:

Personally I think a bomb would be more useful than a book in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, but I guess we're planning for the long-term here, in which case my order of preference is definitely reversed. ;)

Fox and I were discussing it the first time it came up in the game.

Me: Well you are trying to carry them all in a backpack while running from zombies. Maybe they figure all the weight is in the K?

Him: We should ask the Librarian. I hear he knows a lot about Ook.

Me: ...You WOULD make that joke when I'm too tired to chase you down and beat you.

Him: *LOL*

And thus, I have come full circle back around to Terry Pratchett. TOTALLY ON PURPOSE! Really!
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