Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

To-DOOOOOOOM Goes Bananas!

Tado Taday:

- Continue training for zombie apocalypse, which is only a slightly more silly reason for exercise than ritually commemorating a military courier from 500 BC.

- Water & weed herbs and veggies that are ALIVE! And GROWING! Rub hands together and murmur "Soon... soon..."

- Demolish Mt. St. Cleanclothes and all the spawned foothills before I need a sherpa to get to the bed.

- Write at least 2 more scripts for the current story arc, which will be hilarious but haven't quite nailed down how I want to completely implement it yet.

- Continue being 4 of the 8 people on my team at work. Do not flail where anyone can see.

- Clear & put away random boxes & bags of stuff next to bed (yarn, wool, books, winter comforter, a bodhran... it's like a Scots grandmother exploded in there)

Tado tamarrah:

- More zombie-based exercise. When passing other people, pretend I am totally enjoying and breezing through it and not about to throw up.

- Buy mulch to attempt fixing random fairy rings of ick on front lawn, as suggested by lawn dude I hired because I thought HE was going to FIX it rather than just give a "consultation". Grr.

- Work on website for my epic hairdresser so I can get my mane all awesome-ified before A-Kon

- Clean off/organize desk of Encroaching Piles(TM).

- Pay bills, once they are freed from the clutches of said Piles.

- Cook healthy-type stuff with enough leftovers for Weds night. Ask Fox to once again sit on me when I am consumed with the unhealthy craving for tacos at midnight.

- Go get my comics pull list before I need to rent a U-Haul to bring it home
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