Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Why yes, this IS what I do for fun.

This last weekend we went camping out on Possum Kingdom Lake. It's a beautiful area about 3 hours West of Fort Worth, with a state park and camping and fishing and hiking and all kinds of getting-the-fuck-away-from-it-all bliss, which I have been needing for about... a year, since all our "vacations" are either working conventions, or visiting family, which is AWESOME but not the same as a real "I do not have to do anything" vacation.

So we got a "primitive" camping spot, which is around a huge bend in the lake and largely away from the people who are "camping" in their air-conditioned RV's and blaring stereos and such. It still has a fire pit and you can get to civilized bathrooms and bottled water etc if you want to walk a mile or so in the dark. Or you can pee behind a tree like REAL CAMPING DAMMIT. OK, so I'm prejudiced.

We had a blast, hiked, fished*, swam in the lake, lounged about pointing out shapes in the clouds and looking at the stars, etc.

While we were attempting to fish around sundown, which is the best time for both Striped Bass and Catfish, we were annoyed by a bunch of late-teens over in the RV area who'd brought a couple jet-skis and a jet-boat and were roaring around the lake way past when they were supposed to stop (for both fishing and safety's sake). Then, after full dark, we busted out some lighted bobbers and worms and were still going for catfish, they jumped back in the boat and very loudly and obviously drunkenly ("WOOO LIQUORVILLE FOREVER" etc.) tore around the lake some more. We were waiting for them to run into one of the many rock or tree snags in the lake, but they made it back to shore miraculously safe.

Shortly after that as we were drifting off to sleep, a pickup pulled into the last slot of the day camping area (right across the lake from us) and I heard giggling. OK, teens/college students sneaking off to do their thing. Been there. I start to snooze.

Five minutes later a bloodcurdling female shriek rings out from that spot and then is suddenly cut off.

An entire encyclopedia of things cram into my brain at once:

1. Bunch of underage kids go camping in the wilderness in order to drink/smoke/fuck/etc.
2. Said kids annoy the rest of the people around by being disrespectful of everyone but themselves.
3. One couple sneaks off to have sex.
4. By the by, this area has a famous rumor about having a serial killer that stalked it years ago**.
6. Christ, I'm glad I brought a gun in case of coyotes/bobcats/rattlers/etc.

So I've got my Browning out next to me and am dragging pants on (the day was 98*F and the night was not much cooler, screw pajamas) before I heard a giggle and conversation. So apparently she got a bug in her hair or something. But it made me realize a LOT of things I hadn't known were running through my subconscious about the area.

* The fish were being dicks. We couldn't figure out why until we went hiking, when we found that the warm winter & spring was both hosting a record hatch of biting sand flies and making the butterflies migrate early. So the fish were all being snobs and not biting on anything but Prime Monarch, etc.

** While watching the video as I was making the post, I realized something. At 4:09 I went "OH SHIT I KNOW THAT VIEW! From when I was scouting fishing spots! That's camping spot 7!" So yeah, that video about the serial killer was filmed from about 20 feet from our tent. Good times.
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