Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Just a little love to y'all

I've discovered that my willpower apparently responds very well to reverse psychology. After a year of berating myself to get my crap together to no avail, this New Years' I cynically decided not to make any resolutions, because what's the point?

Since then, I've learned 2 new programming languages, stopped biting my nails, gotten back into cooking regularly and back on the healthy diet, picked up all my back comics, cut down drinking by at least 75%, scheduled checkups for myself and the furbeasts, and it keeps rolling. Go fig.

At any rate, I'm in a fairly good mood over being slightly less than a complete failure for the first time in 16 months or so, so I'd like to share a few victory songs with ya that resonate with me.

Had to keep pausing this at points to explain to J and Fox why I was laughing so hard. "Hyjal' where we raidin' at!" indeed, but now, Sith Inquiz 4 Lyfe!

I <3 Hannah Hart, and I continually feel like an ass for getting her name wrong when J. randomly asked me for it on camera at 8AM before we were about to catch a plane to CCSD and I completely brain-horked. All my non-caffeinated mind could parse was that her website was, and her first name ended in "ah". So it blurted out Sarah Harto, when I should gorram well know better. And even though I know there's little to no chance she'll ever see any of MY piddly shit, I still feel like a complete arseclown.

Also, if by some horrible reason you don't know My Drunk Kitchen (and how it hilariously replicates 90% of my cooking endeavors), then start here and keep going:

Also, I am finally getting back into one of Trey's games, which has been one of the joys of my life since I moved here 12 years ago, and I have withered for my lack of tabletop RPG in the last couple years:

OK, not quite true, we convert to D10. But hey.

Also, speaking of the gaming and MMO and obsession and shiz mentioned in the first video:

Not trying to be hipster, but I have loved this song since the first underground version I heard in 2001. (And yes, before the added verse referring to Jar-Jar.) Now that I'm Sithing it up in SW:TOR it's pretty much my constant background music. If you wanna tab to a different window or close your eyes to listen to it I don't blame you. I fell in love with the song because M.C. Chris is brilliant with the rhymes and the rapid delivery, but since it got optioned for a movie soundtrack now it has lightsaber dildos schlonging all over it. And you know, if you can move past it or it adds to it for you, more power to ya. But I remember it on its own, and it keeps popping into my head while I am leveling up my Level IV Dark Side Imperial Inquisitor (who is dominar-romancing her DPS companion [who is voiced by Spike Spigel, O Squee!!])

...ahem. So uh... the geek/gamer girls thing. Kinda appropriate. But seriously, even though I'm NOT playing a bounty huner on SW:TOR right now the lyrics are still appropriate. It's so CATHARTIC to be evil!

Randomly, while rolling my Inquisitor, I hit the random name generator for shits and giggles, and it came up with "LEAVE". I cracked up, showed it to J and Fox, then at their urging, went to see if it would take.

It did.

So yeah, I am now Darth LEAVE zooming around the galaxy, cracking everyone up.
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