Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

How sharper than the serpent's wit is the harpy's tongue!

So today, among other bestowings of HUGELY good news in the last couple of days, I was browsing the local liquor store for dry sherry for a recipe I wanted to make (sizzling rice soup, good for the plague-ey household, plus I have chicken stock and rice in abundance). While I was cruising said aisle, I saw it:


Not a pipe (ye gods), but a handy little bottle that only cost me $12. I snagged it and carried it home, giggling at the synchronicity.

Once I got home, J. and I were both feeling recovered enough to try a snifter of it, for science! Upon sipping, we declared that it was VERY good... but with a certain indefinable quality that definitely required more in-depth study. FOR SCIENCE! Although this has fallen to mostly me as the host of the elder twin of the plague-children.

People have asked before if it takes me a long time to come up with the puns I put in the comic. In short: no. I have a harder time biting them back before I blurt them out in casual conversation, frankly. My chops were honed to ninja-level in random sparring bouts with [personal profile] chiller and orobouros over many years (which I still miss terribly). My greatest dream is to one day get to meet Sir Pterry and match puns with him over a pint and numerous giggles. One of the main reasons I married J. is that he can keep up with me in a verbal tennis match, even when we change rules mid-lob and it turns into Calvinball.

Me (sipping Amontillado): Mmmm. Good stuff.
J.: Think you'll add it to the regular roster?
Me: Nah. But I can see myself occasionally kicking back with a glass, at some little hole-in-the-wall...
J.: *winces* But then she's-a, a brick... HOUSE!
Me: Only if there's a Ch-ch-chaiiiiiin, chain of fools...
J: There must be some kind of way out of here...
Me: Red, red wiiiiine.... stay close to meee-eee.... don't let me beee aloooone...
J: Goddammit, why you gotta keep lobbing the ball back?!
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