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Gitchy gitchy ya ya da daa.

The grapefruit marmalade is done, despite a few hitches and attempted corrections and "OH FUCK MY CORRECTION RUINED EVERYTHING AND IT'S EATING MANHATTAN no wait, I think it's ok" type situations. It is nice and smooth and sweet like befits a marmalade, then the grapefruit sneaks up and saps you upside the head with ZOMGTART!

I've officially named it "Pucker Factor".

Also, after looking at what I have, I realized I have 3 different kinds of oranges (including Pineapple Oranges), plus a random Starfruit that a houseguest left last weekend. Between the above, I can make a mediocre juice that will last about a week, or an AWESOME marmalade of sweet citrussey DOOOOOM. The grapefruit canning and bean freezing today brought back all my childhood memories of watching/helping my mom can and freeze produce, and now I'm all in full-on squirrel mode of "STORE SHIT FOR WINTER NOW NOW NOW!!" So, once I locate more jars, citrus-starfruit marmalade it is!

Apparently I am now on a marmalade kick. Hence, the subject line and song. I do adore the original, but while the movie Moulin Rouge butchered a lot of my favorite songs, it improved on a very few, and I do thing this was one of them.

Although, to be honest, my favorite song of the soundtrack is and always will be this:

Because I can work out, code, spar, do ANYTHING I need to do with energy to, and that song is just a battery. <3

But amusingly, in the film proper, the two songs are merged together (with an unfortunate molestation of Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers thrown in, because WHYYYYYY??). I love the entire concept of the burlesque dancer cockfight, and if I ever go back in time/an alternate universe where I end up such a dancer, I am SO being Travesty when I grow up (the womani n the Cabaret-esque half-tuxedo):

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