Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Fear my domesticity!

Since I'm largely housebound today due to medical wait-and-see, and I just bought two large boxes of fruit & veg off a local farming family, today will be mainly dedicated to prepping & freezing green beans, orange juices, pumpkin puree, sweet ruby-red grapefruit marmalade, and dried orange peel/zest for the winter. Plus I'll be knitting away on my Syphilis Socks* while things process.

Guess all those Laura Ingalls books in my childhood rubbed off a little. ;)

* It's a gloriously soft sock yarn that I got incredibly cheap at the local clearance shop because the colorway was apparently designed by someone blind and/or insane. Which my Victoriana-clogged brain then immediately supplemented with "So, apparently they had Tertiary Syphilis?" Hence the name.
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