Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Lists = Organization = Sanity (in theory)


- Dismissively slap small pile of clean clothing to put itself away, since I have kept the mountain from regrowing LIKE A BAWSS.
- Do well-matched kung-fu battle with large pile of weekend dishes (wirework optional)
- Have ass thoroughly stomped by backlog of merch orders. Whimper.
- Multitask amusement during tedious webdev work thanks to new laser cat toy, which will hopefully also assist Their Royal Pudginesses in trimming back down.
- Go to dry cleaner, grocery store, pharmacy, post office, comic shop and motherfucking BANK like an ADULT! (see icon)
- Put on boots, long pants & long sleeves and climb into one-billionty-degree attic to try and rapidly un-fuxxor A/C drainage tube before any of the following occurs:
A. the water drip completely ruins the patio overhang
B. the fiberglass insulation manages to work its way through protective clothing, eat through my skin and lay eggs in my brain
C. my brain parboils in its own cerebrospinal fluid and I pass out & fall through the kitchen ceiling

Sod this for a lark. I'm re-upping my HVAC contract and having a professional tromp around with their fiberglass-proof cyberlungs or whatever.
- Call online credit card processor and yell because they are now saying that suddenly, after 6 years, my tax info is incorrect/expired/eaten by a Grue and they're going to start charging me an exorbitant fee if I don't call them to provide the data they've already had for more than half a decade
- Slog through mandatory work training on "Golly, what IS an Online Privacy Policy, anyway?" Snicker derisively.
- Set up new paper shredder. Feed it large mountain of decade+ old bills & paperwork, while cackling "Yes, FEED, my pretty!"
- Transfer Big Honking Pile of Paperwork(tm) from the 1/3 of my desk it has taken over into the now not-packed-to-bursting file cabinet
- Call Humane Society & donate Giant Haunted TV of DOOM, which is still perfectly good but extraneous to our household, none of our friends want it, and is taking up the approximate space of a small car.
- Install plastic organizer in bathroom cabinet so instead of Pile of Random Crap there are Drawers of Random Crap
- Re-match 5 billionty loose DVDs and game disks with their corresponding cases. Threaten, under breath, to duct-tape husband.
- Launch into attempt of low-carb Chicken Cordon Bleu, which may end up being a layered casserole depending on how much grief it gives me.
- Order stack of books for AnimeFest, good lord, WHAT month is it already?!
- Put off weeding back flower beds until tomorrow. Or possibly Fall.
- Edit Two Lumps online store to reflect current shirt availability since CCSD, since we ordered a bunch and sold a bunch and MADNESS AND CHAOS EVERYWHERE!
- Haul trash to back curb. Dare neighbor lady to say anything about amount of bottles in recycling.
- More things as I remember them, I'm sure.
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