Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Things that rule: Being able to make awesome delicious diet-friendly stuffed jalapenos from a giganto tray of chopped brisket gifted to you.

Things that suck: The fumes from the giant, juicy, fresh jalapenos you're seeding are setting up camp in your sinuses. And breeding. Violently. It's like Jalapeno Klingon Sex, up your nose.

Things that double suck: You manage to wipe your nose with your own goddamn elbow to make sure you don't get jalapeno oil on your face, but somehow there's a seed stuck on the damn point.

30 seconds later:

Things that win: Going to the bathroom, bleary-eyed, a few minutes later, and suddenly realizing you didn't wash your hands yet... BEFORE you wipe.

Things that double win: Discovering that your bathroom sink can still be reached while seated on the toilet.

My nose still hurts. Other things don't. I'm counting this as a cumulative victory.
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