Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


So Randy & Stephanie just swung by to drop off our Bags-O-Swag™ from CCSD, since he was kind enough to drive them back instead of making us pay ass-rapingly high airline fees for daring to have a bag larger and heavier than a gnat fart. They are awesome (not just for that but in general) and I <3 them forevers.

So as we said our goodbyes and they climbed back into their vehicle, I was feeling a bit silly and happy, and as I turned away from their truck, I noticed someone had tossed a broken-off length of fence slat on our lawn, which needed to be picked up. So, being silly, I snatched it up and hefted it dramatically two-handed over my head, whipping around 180* and yelling "I MUST SLAY VAMPIRES!!" for comedic effect.

...right in the face of a flyer-distribution guy, who promptly nearly shat himself and fell into the street. I muttered a highly-abashed "...sorry!" and slunk ashamedly into the house, where Trin was nearly apoplectic with laughter.

I don't know whether it's better or worse to have your moments of complete embarrassing idiocy have witnesses. Without them, at least not that many people saw you, but if they did, then at least you've entertained people and you can take a small measure of comfort in that value.
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