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Cooking annoyance

Still making leaps and bounds in Learning How To Cook™, and still chugging along on the diet, but have phased some things back in on occasion for convenience, kid-friendliness, or just plain occasional comfort food.

For example, right now I've got Chicken & Dumplings simmering away in the crock pot. Are the dumplings on the diet? No, but I've halved the amount of them, and made the rest of it with fresh veggies, low-carb organic soup base, broth & leavings from a chicken I roasted a few days ago, etc. So it's by and large healthy (and using up Things What Need Eating), and a few carbs to make it extra-palatable for others in the house isn't going to kill anyone. ;)

But something that annoyed me: I've gotten to the point where I COULD have made it from scratch, out of my head. But I'm still second-guessing myself, because that's how I am. So I went to my go-to recipe site of awesomeness to look at a few default recipes and make sure I wasn't insanely off on the ingredients, proportions thereof, cooking time, etc. I skimmed through a couple recipes and realized, no, I was pretty much spot on, although I did get a couple good spice recommendations I hadn't thought of.

This is largely what I use that site for these days: I'll find a good base recipe, and then I immediately scan the reviews & comments, because 9 times out of 10 the recipe will be GOOD, but someone will stumble upon a tweak to make it EPIC, and post it in a review. Then I'll take THAT and make my own changes as I see fit for personal taste or serving size or ingredients available or whatever. This is how cooking ROLLS, yo. So 75% of the reason I go to this site at all is for the large number of reviews & comments with the tweak notes, what people were trying to fix or add, whether it worked or not, and who took THAT tweak and ran with it, and what THEY ended up with. It's great.

Then I run into a comment like this:

Wonderful recipe. And for all the morons who simply make a totally different recipe by their additions, subtractions, cooking a bit longer or shorter...try posting your own recipe and stop giving 4 stars to a perfectly good recipe. All recipes are guidelines. We all have different tastes, so either like the recipe or leave it.

...I get the feeling this is a woman who has a dramatic fainting attack if you suggest adding peas to your Hamburger Helper. Does Not Get It™

I do agree with telling people who have ENTIRELY changed a recipe to GTFO and post their own. Comments like "This Beef Stroganoff recipe was awesome but I used shrimp instead of beef and linguine instead of egg noodles and marinara instead of cream sauce" are entirely unhelpful, yes. But giving a recipe 4 stars with a "5-star tweak" when it's something like "use chicken broth instead of water to make the sauce not so thin" or "don't add the veggies until an hour before serving if they're not frozen or they'll get soggy" or "cook the dumplings twice as long as this recipe says or they end up still raw in the middle" is frigging HELPFUL, and you shouldn't have to make a new recipe to CORRECT A MISTAKE in what is otherwise a perfectly viable recipe.

Grrr. Apparently I have a new pet peeve.
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