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In which I flail on live TV

So whilst at Comic-Con, I got drive-by interviewed by J was back at the room stocking up on more merch (we sold out of all the toys we brought, most of the books, and about half the shirts. MADNESS!), I was organizing some stock and all of a sudden there is a microphone in my face and "HI! SO WHAT DO YOU DO!" and I kinda go "Gleep!"

I'm the introvert of us two to begin with, and I was sleep-deprived and emotionally stressed and caught off guard, so I largely babbled like a complete moron. "DERP I DO CATS HONK TWEET" etc. I had a brief moment of hope that they'd make me look like not so much of an idiot after editing, but then one of the interviewers mentioned he wasn't ignoring me, the videocast was going out LIVE RIGHT NOW so he was checking the twitter feed to see if anyone had any questions. *facepalm*

Ah well. At least I didn't swear, didn't scratch anything inappropriate, and got our URL out there. I'm at about 12:30 if you want to point and laugh.
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