Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

No Idea What to Say

Took Raistlin in to the vet today because he was showing signs of a UTI and was being a little lethargic. When they ran his tests they found that he has the exact same genetic kidney failure that killed Caramon.

The good news is that they caught it a little earlier, he's still eating, not peeing outside box, etc., so he has a slightly better chance than Caramon did to respond to emergency treatment.

The bad news is that's still not much of a chance. But I would rather die than not give him that chance.

Basically he's being kept on fluids for 2-3 days while they try to get rid of the infection and get his levels back to something that can be treated with diet and meds. I'll probably know around Wednesday evening.

Three days of kitty inpatient is pretty freaking expensive. But I'll pay whatever it takes. Last time we went through this, some people chastised me afterwards for not asking for help. So... if you want to help, it is greatly appreciated.

I'm probably going to be pretty quiet until Wednesday night. Possibly after.
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