Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

toDOOM: Convention Edition!

Things what are ta-DONE:
- Shirts ordered, made, paid for & picked up. Reprints of Too Much Coffee & Not Enough Coffee, plus this year's new shirt, which we will debut at A-Kon. Mwa Ha HA.
- Sketch cards/ad fliers ordered, paid for & finished, just need to be picked up.
- Neverending Work Project(tm) is finally handed off, so no risk of time off being once again canceled for it.
- Hotel room is covered, woohoo!
- Fudmakings & other sundries are purchased for the next 2 weeks, so I only have to come home & cook.

Yet to-DOOM:
- Order a billionty books. This is when it really sinks in for us how long we've been doing this, plus the realization that it still really isn't that long at all.
- Inventory all current shirt inventory & make a list for henches
- Figure out who henches will be & when
- Contact Tweedy, hairdresser of supernatural skillz, and get my head awesome-ified in some crazy way
- Hit up friend to make sure catsitting is still available
- Finish washing & putting away the Rocky Mountains of Laundry (mostly clean, to my credit, just not put away)
- Call pool guy to find out why Gay Bukkake Pool Unit1 is all Le Sulk
- Get guest room all prepped for Jennie: sheets, towels, TP, drunk guy2
- Bag & size-label all new shirts. Curse shirts' questionable ancestry in creative terms after the second hour.
- Organize & pack old shirts, new shirts, books, stuffies, sketch cards, table hardware3, chaos hardware4, surprises, etc.
- Remove Nyang-Face McSpazzmo (Palin) from whatever suitcase of merch he has pounced on and flaily-burrowed himself into. Re-org suitcase.
- Remove Raist from suitcase whose merch he has calmly scooped into a nest and settled regally upon while I was chasing Palin out of the room. Re-org THAT suitcase.
- Level scathing glare on ShyGuy (Tanin)5 who was merely peeking into the room to see why the other two got thrown out. Cat flees. Feel guilty.
- Load up on two sets of booze: one for the pre- and post-con parties, one for bringing to con
- Clean as much of house as possible before pre-party
- Give up and decide to buy extra booze for pre-party to get people so drunk they won't notice if the house is clean.
- Pour the first glass of wine, clutch towel, and Don't Panic.

1 Our little pool-unit is a weird, fetish-y thing. Which, given the household, is not a surprise. But if it is running while people are in the pool, it will routinely chase ONLY THE GUYS (and a couple in special particular) and attempt to shove its... for lack of a better word, tentacle, up their shorts. If there are no guys in the pool, but people are outside, it will throw a bit of a tantrum and run itself up the wall closest to the patio seating, so that its tentacle flips out of the water and it sends a lash of water at about seated-face-height across the seating area. I don't even know. That's just how it is.

2 Just...start here, and keep going until this makes sense. And no, it's NOT the guy asking to see her boo(t/b)s.

3 Tablecloth, cashbox, permits, credit card machine, credit card machine ADAPTER (not making that mistake again), extension cord, book stands

4 Stuff that we shouldn't need but someone always does. Bandaids, pushpins, manual credit card reader & paper slips, white-out, aspirin, string, lots of extra paper & pens, duck tape, medical tape, packing tape (yes there are specific separate needs for the different types), Jack Daniels...

5 He is INCREDIBLY skittish, despite having been loved & coddled his entire life since adoption. I think he's just taking the omega pack role to a drama-queen proportion, especially since he suddenly becomes a fearless love-slut if you are A. on the toilet or B. have a blanket on you. Those somehow make you "safe". He's the same one from the infamous "Chimney Cat" video. I will also admit to torturing him mercilessly by singing Kajagoogoo at him.
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