Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

A day in the life

So, it was 50's and thunderstormy and cold-windy this morning. I started a big pot of hot & sour soup to simmer on the stove all day for dinner. Texas weather of course senses this and goes "HAH! PSYCH!" so that by 5 PM it's brightly sunny and pushing 80.

Me: PU. Well, at least now I can air out the house, since this recipe, whilst delicious, makes the kitchen smell like an NFL laundry hamper.

Me: *settles in while house airs and soup simmers*

Me: *watches the video all her friends are linking to, about random people getting in a fight at Denny's*

Me: *watches the video repeatedly, along with the tagline 'bitch, your pancakes look fine to me!'"

Me: *approximately 25 forced watchings later* DAMMIT NOW I NEED PANCAKES.

Me: *has no mix due to low-carb diet, looks online, and miraculously finds a recipe that A. can be made with things already in the house, B. looks delicious, and C. can be substituted to be not low-carb, but less than 1/4 carb of normal pancakes at least*

Me: *mix mix stir stir cook cook fuggoff cats, I already fed you, just because it came out of the pantry does not make it yours*

J.: *arriving home from work* Mmmmm... wait, I thought you were making Chinese food?

Me: I am.

J.: ...then what smells like bacon and vanilla?

Me: Pancakes.

J.: But why--


J.: Yo. *tips hat*

Me: Seriously. Soup is for dinner. Pancakes are for Stupid-Ass Internet-Based Craving. Once I have like, two, you will have all the rest of fantastic from-scratch pancakes and bacon leftover for you all weekend. How is this bad?

J.: You do have a point.

Me: Or I could just crumble them in the soup...

J.: O_O

Me: KIDDING, jeez. PMS only goes so far.
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