Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Yay! Fwagh! Yay!

Good news: Healthy eating and cooking at home continues apace, despite setbacks.

Good: Setbacks didn't actually set us back per se, just stalled progress.

Good: I found a recipe for one of my favourite dishes ever that I could eat every day: chinese hot & sour soup

Bad: Calls for all kinds of exotic ingredients that I have neither the time nor the money to hunt down. (Dried lotus blossom? Really?)

Good: The reviews were mostly people who ALSO don't live in the bay area and can't pop down to the shops (narrowly avoided inadvertent racial slur there) for such ingredients, but noted that they're largely garnish/enhancement and the recipe can survive without.

Good: Everything else in the recipe is easily found or substituted (straw mushrooms for wood ear, etc.), and that means that the entire prep portion of the recipe basically involves opening cans and cubing tofu.

Bad: I had several weeks of delay from when I bought ingredients and when I made the soup. I thought I put the pork in the freezer. I put it in one of the sealed crisper drawers of the fridge. When I opened it I almost threw up my toenails.

Good: Tofu and chicken works just as well once you've convinced your stomach to come back from the plains of Leng, where it has fled.

Good: The recipe is incredibly easy, low-cal, and low-carb with a few substitutions (mainly splenda as a sweetener and arrowroot as a thickener), and easily tweaked to your personal level of flavour (we like it very hot and very sour, but adding dollops of rice vinegar and chili oil are easy).

Bad: Cooking it makes your entire house smell like King Leonidas's jockstrap. Seriously. It's freaking HORRIBLE. I must have epically screwed up this recipe somehow.

Good: *sip* ...No, it's DELICIOUS. Holy hell.

Bad: But good gods, the house reeks!

Good: ...but the weather's good enough that I can open all the windows?

Bad: Yeah, but when you REALLY want this soup is in the dead of winter, when you can't.

Good: ...we'll deal with that next winter. *NOM NOM NOM*
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