Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Suck on that, Freud!

Slightly off this morning, as I had one of those Inception-style layered dreams. But instead of being directly sequential I kept waking up and falling back asleep within the dreams so it got really confusing. Not that I can't tell which reality is or anything, but it makes the brain kind of "GAAAH!" for the rest of the day.

Level 1: Typical stress dream. We were hosting a large number of people overnight at our house for a convention or something. Someone had shattered the back patio door, and I was trying to block it off while keeping the cats contained in one room so they wouldn't run outside, but people kept opening the room they were in, or moving the objects I had blocking the door, so they kept getting outside and I kept having to chase them down. Kept returning to this dream when someone would "wake me up" to let me know they accidentally let the cats out again.

Level 2: I was attending a wedding for my Chiropractor, which was in some giant resort complex out in the middle of nowhere, so half of the dream was me trying to get there while being lost. Just as I found the place, I was pulled over by a pair of cops, who turned out to be two of my old teachers from high school who were also on the way to the wedding but just wanted to say hi because they recognized me. When I arrived I went to go change, because I'd been wearing regular clothes to drive in but had brought nicer clothes for the wedding and reception. After the reception I went to gather my things and change for the drive home but couldn't find them. The rest of the dream involved mostly searching for my clothes, and more importantly my purse with car keys in it, and trying to figure out if I'd just forgotten where I'd put them, whether someone had mistakenly moved them, or if they'd been stolen. Meanwhile several people were trying to convince me I'd arrived in my dress clothes and had never brought anything else in the first place and I was just drunk. I tried to point out that no, I wasn't, and how, pray tell, did I drive my car without keys? I tried to find the teacher/cops to back up my story, since they'd seen me in my original clothes, but they were nowhere to be found (although someone had always seen them "just a few minutes ago"). I eventually ended up having to spend the night in the resort because I couldn't leave. Kept returning to this dream either "waking up" on my own, or someone waking me up to ask why I was still there, or tell me they just saw the teacher/cops I was looking for (who were of course gone by the time I got there).

Level 3: I randomly ran into an ex-BF who was living in an apartment over a new comic shop I was checking out. He and I hooked back up instantly (like you do in illogical dreamland), and afterward went over to his friends' house, who turned out to be a bunch of my old friends from college. In the dream for some reason they'd been his friends who I hadn't been allowed to talk to after he and I broke up (IRL they all never even met). So we hung out and played a very strange video game that was like a combination of Rock Band, YouTube and Reddit. After a couple hours, the ex gets a call from HIS ex, decides he wants to go back to her and dumps me again. The friends tell him he's being a supreme dick, and this time HE can get out and I can stay. So he leaves and they comfort me and tell me I can crash there for the night. One of the friends has designed the guest room out of Scooby Doo reruns, and everything is a combination of garish 70's psychedelic and cartoony gothic/Victorian. And every hour the bed automatically rotates into a secret panel in the wall and back out again, which is disconcerting and wakes me up.

Level 4: Limbo! Just kidding. I was walking in my hometown, because for some reason my car was parked halfway across town. I was searching for a shop that I remembered sold chocolate-covered eclairs stuffed with ice cream, because you couldn't get them in TX and I missed them. (Doesn't exist IRL as far as I know, I think my brain was trying to come up with a tastier analog of the It's-It.) I couldn't remember what store carried them, and a lot of them had changed, so I was having to go into every shop on the main street on my way back to my car. To complicate matters, there was a Hispanic/Asian Pride bike race going through town, which I was having to constantly dodge every time I needed to cross the street, which was unfortunately often and I felt like a giant asshole every time I had to, because no matter how carefully I timed it I accidentally got in someone's way. Never actually fell asleep in this one, just kept returning to it randomly from falling asleep in the other dreams.

So yeah. My brain? A very very strange place.
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