Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Oh! Oh oh oh oh!

And this is the thick, heavy, fluffy, Really-REAL SNO, unlike the freezing rain we got earlier this week. This is enough to have me outside spinning and giggling and falling on my butt and getting up to twirl some more. Because I both grew up in and then moved to climates that rarely have real snow. So I have never lost my complete childlike wonder and love of it. I always act like a child in it. I probably always will.

EDIT: And I realize this may seem like hypocrisy, seeing as how I was griping earlier. However, earlier I was griping about people who cannot drive properly on ice. This has nothing to do with my lovely fluffy sky-flakes of prettiness, now that I have stocked up and am safely ensconced at home. *dances around*
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