Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Stolen from jdack cause it's funny and I need it.

Impromptu Rorschach test!

1. Chinese dragons playing patty-cake
2. A woman with anime pigtails sitting in the lotus position, smoking
3. Dunno if it counts, but my first thought was a female version of The Wobbly from Books of Magic. Giant evil skull-letty bird thing. With, apparently, huge knockers.
4. Three piglets in a ring dance
5. A futuristic sheriff's badge, the extra bit designating some kind of planetary jurisdiction
6. Two-headed poodle yoga instructor
7. Ziggy having a supreme existential moment, head thrown back to the sky
8. A wide-hipped woman wearing bikini panties with a butterfly tattoo on her stomach
9. A tibetan monk questioning his faith, praying desperately against a mirror. You can see the drops of his sweat.
10. An incredibly angry longhaired hamster owned by someone going through stylist school
11. A view from floor-level of a three-legged giant walking towards you
12. A horrifically snobby "ergonomic" wine opener that wouldn't work for shit
13. World's angriest kung-fu teddy bear
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