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OK, so the longstanding joke has been that J. is now famous for doing a comic about cats, but he doesn't like them. In fact he actively dislikes them. He;s a dog person, rarr rarr rarr. But as we're currently living in a house with a LOT of inside room but no backyard, he's currently contented with kittehs. Which is good, because I made it very clear that it was a condition of marrying me: Me == (2+n) kittehs.

ANYHOO, as most of y'all know, after Caramon passed, fate randomly went "O hay! You're a sucker for adopting abandoned Russian Blue brothers, so here ya go." Which is how I acquired Palin and Tanin (named after Raistlin's nephews in the book series. YES I AM A GEEK GET OVER IT.)

So anyway, unlike the first set of twins, I named them ass-backwards this time. Palin is commonly known as Captain Spazzmo, and flips out all over the place demanding attention or just wanting to bounce off the walls. Tanin is known as Shyguy and Houdini, for his penchant for managing to hide in the most INSANE places when stressed. Last fall we had a full house of other cartoonists for AnimeFest, and he managed to climb the CHIMNEY.

At any rate: J. says he hates cats and can only identify with dogs. However... I noticed after a while that he came to bed SLIGHTLY after me. Didn't know why. So one night I deceptively lingered and watched.

Whenever we head to bed we have to head through the living room, past the couch. As soon as we do? Palin races into the room, leaps onto the back of the couch, and wriggles around like a wom in the electric chair.

J. immediately grabs him and gets into a kitty wrestling match, rubbing him around all over the couch, and cooing "OH! I haz de belleh! And I haz de butt! I gots youuuuu! I rassles youuuu!" And they sit there for 5 minutes and basically play like kittens together. And it's adorkably awesome.

I pointed out to J. that this means he's not an anti-cat person, because they have SO bonded it's not funny. Palin now comes to me for food and snuggins and to sleep in crazy pretzel-like configurations hanging off my lap, but runs to J. when he wants play-fightin's. J. sniffed and replied "No, you just adopted a doglike-cat."

At any rate, I must now totally de-masculinize him by pointing out how utterly this video resembles the situation. It doesn't visually represent it, unless you imagine Wolverine singing "Kit-teh, little kit-teh..."

...which is actually worth it in itself, now that I think about it.
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