Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Random shout-out

I get a lot of the usual links from friends and peers about dealing with idiot users. One of the best and brightest examples, IMHO, is /usr/bin/woot/ which is written and drawn by the amazing [personal profile] chaobell. No, it's not new. No, it's not ongoing (although her other stuff, especially Silent Hill-based, is epically worth checking.) Yes, that link goes to the first comic. Yes, that's where you need to start. No, not because it's death-channel linear, but because it's THAT GOOD. I admit a personal longtime <3 for this comic because:

A. It's a woman in the "un-fucking computers" career, overall, so there's a LOT of jokes I love hardcore there. (If I could have a dollar for every time I was referred to as the secretary... Or five dollars for every time the user asked to talk to "a REAL tech, you know, a man")

B. The main character has a penchant for abnormal hair colors, tending towards purple. Yes, I know this is an entirely self-serving like, but it's true. My current oddity, if I can*, is dark purple-black with bright red stripes. I am a violent fan of creative hair demonstration in jobs where the only things around to be offended run Windows. And to be fair, if they're not offended by Windows they have no right to bitch.

C. The main character is not only a roleplayer, but a Good LARPer. People who still think D&D is Satanic and made Tom Hanks get himself beat the fuck up? Turn away now. The truth will burn you.

So anyway. Those of use who have actually played not only RPG's but LARPs AND LIVED, MWA HA HA HAAAA... *ahem* anyway. We all know the difference between a Good LARPer and a Douche LARPer. We all know games're full of douchebags, just like any other group of people with status based on competition. There's the ones who are bigoted, the ones who lie about getting hit (which makes me envy poker, where you can make them show their cards), the ones who try to bully rather than developing character, the ones who ambush with a group then arrange a group lie about what happened. No matter WHAT you are into, be it LARP, chess, MMORPG, sports, SpeedWikiEditing, Relay Gardening, I dunno. This comic represents them accurately and deals with them in a fashion we have often prayed to karma to deliver. Oh, rotten watermelons.

* Currently we Are Having Issues with my hair color. Nothing work-related, funny enough. But apparently something, most likely in my current pharmacopoeia, is preventing the bright red from taking hold in my hair somehow. Which means despite the best efforts of myself and my hairdresser, my hair is turning out a uniform purple-black. Which doesn't look BAD, but it's not what we're going for, so is understandably frustrating.
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