Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Well then!

Last night I was joking with J. that with our recent weight loss, we could/should pose for a photo, on our 5th anniversary, of us in our wedding garb, because we'd have lost enough by then.

He states that I'm thinner now than I was at the wedding.

I retort that at the wedding I was WeightX, and I'm currently WeightX+8(ish). He points out that weight has been, ahem, redistributed, and overall I am of a slimmer figure than I was at that point.

Tonight, we had some friends over, and I mentioned the whole glee over the engagement ring fitting and looking forward to wedding ring fitting, etc.

josiphine mentions that I look thinner than I did at the wedding, when both rings fit.

I demonstrate that wedding ring is still tight.

josiphine points out that wedding ring is still on thick leather cord.

I slap forehead, take ring off cord, and slip it on. Guess what I'm wearing? It's still slightly tight, but definitely wearable. For the first time since basically our wedding.

I mention the discussion to [personal profile] katballou and the hope that my wedding dress will fit by anniversary. She says "Um, duh. It'll fit now. Try it." We dash off to bedroom and I try on my wedding dress for the first time since my wedding night.

Holy CRAP.

OK. Not only does it fit? It fits WAY better than it did on my wedding day. Between going from a || to a }{ figure, and concurrent weight loss, I filled this thing out in ways that were entirely new. [personal profile] katballou dragged me out to show people who'd been at the wedding, and the reaction was a universal "HOLY WOW."

So yeah... wearing both rings, happy as hell, and definitely planning on that "5 years in" photo comparison, because apparently we're both coming out for the better.
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