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When you realize it, you'll shit bricks. Also: we are 12. News at 11.

We realized the other night, out of the blue, that in a couple of months is our five-year anniversary. We both stopped and went, "No... that can't be right. Really? Holy shit!" We both agreed that it feels much shorter than that, but somehow, at the same time, like it's been Always. It's just such an incredibly comfortable partnership that realizing we're hitting chronological anniversaries seems... weird, somehow. Not complaining a bit, though. ;)

So the topic got brought up again this evening, amidst discussion of birthday tattoos and the amusing coincidence that we will both be hitting the same weight we were when we got married around the exact time of said anniversary.

Me: What is the traditional gift for 5 years, anyway? I only ever remember 25 and 50. *hits internet*
J.: So what is it?
Me: ...wood.
J.: ...
J.: *snerk snort cackle*
Me: Easiest anniversary gift for YOU, ever!
J.: *ROFL*
Me: Come to think of it, easiest gift for me, too.
J.: So I gotta get some wood for ya?
Me: Yeah. And I have to give you wood, baby.
J.: A little teak?
Me: Mahogany.
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