Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Oh yeah, there's that holiday thing...

People have started asking what I want for Christmas. I'm reminded of a scene from "Exit to Eden", a movie where a couple of undercover cops have to infiltrate a BDSM resort, wacky hijinks ensue, etc. But at one point a Chippendale's looking guy in a bondage harness approaches the female cop and says "How may I fulfill your deepest fantasy, Mistress?" She irritably snaps, "Go paint my house!"

That's kinda how I feel right now. What would I love most for Christmas? My trees trimmed, gutters cleaned, and flowerbeds & pool machinery enclosure cleared of leaves, weeds, and random saplings. Stuff that I have neither the time nor energy to do myself, nor the money to pay someone else to do, so it's always hanging over my head at every waking moment. I have plenty of Stuff, I'd love the gift of Less Shit To Worry About. Peace on Brain, and Goodbye to Stress, to misquote the carol. Unfortunately, with family and friends scattered all over the globe, and money tight all over, they're not really feasible things to ask for.

I was talking to the owner of Titan Comics the other day, and he mentioned that it was actually a lot easier for him at this time of year, because his family is Jewish and they don't have that cultural stigma of "If you give someone money it means you didn't want to bother thinking of a gift for them." Because this year, a lot of people just plain need money, more than they need another Thing. But in Christmas culture, giving money is a thoughtless and hurtful thing that signifies you don't care what they want, EVEN IF WHAT THEY WANT IS MONEY. We both agreed it's just stupid. But that's societal ritual for you: heavy on tradition, not so much on the making sense. See: fruitcake.

I'm probably not making much sense. I'm just taking a break for a moment, been pulling 12-14 hour workdays this week (plus comic writing, plus merch, plus housework, plus Xmas shopping, etc.) and my brain is somewhere around "tapioca" level. Sorry about that.

I could really use some sno. That would improve my mood immeasurably.

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