Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


I've always tended, for some reason, to call the cats "KITTEH" and referring to, as [personal profile] chiller would call "fussing", "rubbing the BELLEH!"

So when I started watching True Blood I was highly amused that Vampire Bill was using the same random fake accent to refer to Sookie and the fact that according to vampire law, she was under his protection, always stated with a melodramatic "Sookeh is MIIINE!".

Since then, I have been doing an awful lot of "Ooh, teh BELLEH! I scruff teh BELLEH! Because KITTEH IS MIIINE!"

So in case you wonder what my average hot-n-heavy Friday night consists of, it's cooking something gourmet and claiming Teh Kitteh Belleh as MIIINE.
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