Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

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This week can fuck off and sleep in the street.

Lots of really bad things I don't feel like talking about, but I will say I think they're mostly resolved. I hope.

At the moment I would just like my sinuses to stop making me feel like a random bad guy in Fist of the North Star, thanks. Being forced to work from home because the pressure & pain location is so bad it's making my vision blur too much to drive, and that's WITH sinus meds. The overall pain LEVEL isn't that bad, but the fact that it's managed to make me housebound anyway is incredibly annoying and frustrating. I've traipsed off to work before with cracked bones, hemorrhaging and various other medium-severe non-contagious ailments, but no, now I have to sit here going "La, but I have a headache!" I feel like I should be lying on a divan with a wrist pressed limply to my forehead. Feh.
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