Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

To-DOOOOOM Takes Manhattan

TaDo TaDay:

- Get through the workday from hell without head exploding or lighting anyone on fire.
- Hit grocery store, pick up cat supplies before they whine/eat/poop us all to death.
- Flip the bird at the pastry aisle on the way by.
- Make with the funny, dammit!
- Flail at sprinkler system with various implements until it either stops leaking or is so broken I can justify calling a repairman. J. convinved me to skip the flailing and go straight to jail, do not pass go calling repair guys.
- Tetris dishes into washer to try and cut down on psychotic water bill caused by the above
- Fold various piles of clean laundry that mock me from their individual islands. Socks, in particular, are dicks.
- Dig through a billionty boxes and sort for yard sale-age.
- Firmly squash the inner voice that cries I CAN'T get rid of THIS, it's so IMPORTANT, despite the fact I've forgotten I had it for the last 3 years!
- Pack & label a large pile of toys, complete with Real-Life Cat Hair thanks to Palin refusing to learn about the particular qualities of tape.
- Figure out some edible combination of leftovers that are currently clogging the fridge.
- Apparently somehow also put in several hours of overtime. Multitasking skills, activate!

TaDo Tomorrow:

- Bank'n.
- Post office'n.
- Drop off car to be oil changed, cleaned, inspected, and generally pampered. Envy car slightly.
- Pick up signs, stickers, and various implements of destruction for yard sale-age.
- Re-cleaning of ALL THE THINGS that it seems like I just did. Resist urge to squeak and eat alfalfa pellets.

TaDo T'eventually:

- Too tired & burnt out to even think about it right now. May update later.

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