Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Quotes of F'ing awesome

So, a week ago last Wednesday, I busted out tasting shots for special people of the Kwizatz Haderach Black and the mead. Much approval was had, much smug on my part was gathered.

After a little while has passed, I'm hanging out on the patio with a few people. my_window_seat arrives and J. hands her (unbeknownst to us), a shot glass with a finger's worth of the black in it.

All I know is I'm standing on the back patio, and my_window_seat bursts out the back door and wraps me in a giant hug and exclaims "JAMES JUST GAVE ME A HALF-INCH OF OH MY GOD AND IT WAS FANTASTIC!"

Cue 8 people going : O_O

Cue 8 people laughing so hard they are about to puke, and one my_window_seat going "wait what?" for 30 seconds until it sinks in.

Cue 8 people pouring drinks for my_window_seat until we convince her that we are not, in fact, laughing AT her, but more at the fact that group opinion automatically associates "half-inch" with J.


Tonight, amongst various visiting cartoonists and henches, there were several simultaneous conversations happening on the back patio. At one point I mentioned that I was smoking cloves and joked about them being ILEEEEEGAL, although they're actually perfectly legal to own and smoke, just illegal to sell within the US. So I buy and import them from where they are manufactured in Indonesia, and this is perfectly legal. And BTW, fuck you, Phillip Morris.

Then the conversation turned to past con exploits, and J. mentioned that at A-Kon he has, on certain nights, occasionally accidentally created a Katamari of drunk mayhem. I joked that The King of All Cosmos would look at the result and go "Hmm. I shall call this Booze Star."

J. snarked at that then moved on with his convo with Willis. dosneko commented to me that Booze Star would no doubt be next to Cancer Star. I replied that for maximum angst, it would be between Cancer Star and Virgo Star. She replied that Booze Star would just corrupt all the virgins. I replied that no, actually, of [the people involved in said booze star rampage] neither was a fan of virgins because they don't know what they're doing.

At which point J. half-hears the convo and decides to jump in, saying, "Yeah, I'm not a fan. They always taste like canned ham."

Me. dosneko and my_window_seat: O_O

J.: What? You're still talking about cloves, right?

Me, dosneko and my_window_seat: *dies laughing hysterically*

So, yeah. Apparently virgins taste like canned ham. THE MORE YOU KNOW!
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