Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Ta-DOOM DOOM DOOM, Ta-DAH DAH DAH, that's all I have to say to you

TaDoo TaDay:

- Get Sin Kitty shirts of ultimate awesomeness.
- Bag dozens of shirts of Suddenly Less Awesome.
- Finish laundry, including every set of sheets in the house due to incoming cartoonist horde.
- Call housekeepers and see if they can come a day early and CLEAN ALL THE THINGS, because I inherited my Mom's sense of Guest Preparation Madness.
- Consider renting steam cleaner. Calculate likelihood that clean carpets will trigger Epic Hairballs in all 3 furbeasts before guests arrive. Decide to rent cleaner Wednesday to minimize Barf Window.
- Clean dishes and kitchen, once more sternly admonishing them to STAY that way this time, or ELSE.
- Wag finger in a threatening manner to cement the above point to appliances, who are dense.
- Nuke catboxxen from orbit. It's the only way to be free from stench sure.
- Break down some of the giant pile of empty boxes in the garage for recycling, because they're useless for moving or storage and are attempting to either eat or mate with my car every time I pull in.
- Get on exerbike and attempt to work off 40 lbs in one evening. It's possible, The Sims says so.

TaDoo TaMorrow:

- Mail a bunch of toys. Feel vaguely Santaesque.
- Wrangle futon into Trin's room so Trunks doesn't have to sleep in the Pretty Pretty Princess Bed, hysterical as the idea is.
- Get car inspected before it expires and I'm hauled in by a very, very bored or desperate police officer.
- Write enough strips to tide us over until at least next Tuesday, lest exhaustion and Animefest render us to nothing but three days of beat panels.
- You! Entlings! Evicted! I mean it this time!
- Pick up more bags, finish bagging shirts amidst communal cursing.
- Puchase and replace closet door that someone at some point put their ass through.
- Make beds, clean things, plan meals, schedule henches, wrangle guests, pack merch, squeeze finances, fall over in eye-twitching heap.

TaDoo TaVentually:

- Ugh, can't even think about it right now. Long-term planning is officially offline until Tuesday.
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