Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


I have not yet cleaned ALL THE THINGS, but I'm getting there.

TaDoo TaDay:
- Travel to the Catboxxen of Eternal Stench with the Slotted Rod of Smiting and Bucket of the Purifying Sands of Dy'Odrennt
- Put away beer supplies until later when The Great Honeymoonshinering shall occur with katballou
- Attack dining table of mass paperwork and clear, either via organization or flamethrower
- Throw in laundry, rejoice at lack of laundry room & kitchen flooding due to J. playing with caustic chemicals
- Idly wonder where the rest of those chemicals went
- Finish dishes before random meat-based bacteria colonies demand voting rights and chili

TaDoo TaMarrah:
- Mail an arseload of toy orders out YAYYYYYYY
- GO TO THE BANK LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING ADULT with all my collected recent repayment checks from my medical spending account, which means it was my money to begin with but still feels like extra cash somehow
- Continue assault on Fort Backed-Up Laundry, liberate Second Towel Legion

TaDoo TaSoonish:
- Perform genocide on baby Ents in the front yard
- Go through a hundred years of awesome fan art that I am an arsehole for not posting sooner and get it on the site, hoping to not be struck down with righteous ire
- Pay for and pick up Sin Kitty shirts, laugh maniacally
- Bust out grindarrrr and make more healthy catfuds of chickenny doom instead of picking up canned crap that gives the household DethButte
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