Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Sounds about right...

disgruntledgrrl ended up with a truly strange banner at in gchat: a church specializing in exorcisms. They even sell home exorcism supplies. But then I saw they have an "ARE YOU POSESSED BY A DEMON?" quiz, so I had to try it.

You may be afflicted with a demon known as MIITAKK
Miitakk is the demon of complacence and slothfulness – many initially afflicted with this demon stop making an effort in any aspect of their lives. Without exorcism or care of any kind those possessed by Miitakk will suffer from bedsores, atrophy of the limbs and other ailments of the immobile. Signs: often those possessed by Miitakk take on a nearly catatonic state, and it is difficult to get them to respond. However, if the afflicted is prodded too much, they can suddenly become violent. Touching cool water causes those possessed by this demon to feel a burning sensation.

So... if you pester a severely depressed person and then throw cold water on them, and they get pissed off at you, obviously they're possessed by a DEEEEMON! It's the only logical explanation.

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