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Ripping off J.'s post here wholesale, because it's just that well done:


Don't be shy. We're in Booth 1230, same as last year, in the Webcomics Pavilion. Our table will have, in no particular order:

- Chris Daily of Strip Tease and Punch An' Pie
Chris is frankly too attractive to exist. He is a very nice man, the straight player to this pack of starving hogs. His fiancée will also be there, in what we hope will turn into a con of Scared Straight type programming. Do not make sudden moves or loud noises near Chris Daily.

- Randy Milholland of Something Wonderful and Stupor Supper or whatever the hell those are called.
Randy is well versed in CaeLamndo, a Gregorian martial art involving the wielding of empty brandy bottles as weapons. Do not test him on this, you will suffer mightily. His passion in life is macramé. If you offer him a bag of pork jerky, he will rub your belly with a flounder.

- And, of course, US.
Mel Hynes is a motorcyclist, world renowned Fish Hammering champion, and a motherfucking professional. She does not ever need to shave her legs, and has been known to jump on a hand grenade when the opportunity arises. Under no circumstances should you waggle a pinata within ten feet of her - there will be death.
J. Grant draws cats.

Between the four of us at this booth, we will have shirts, stuffed toys, comic books, collection books, original art, and sketches for freeeeeeeeeee. We're also like right next to a bunch of other webcomics like PVP, Least I Could Do, Penny Arcade, Questionable Content, who am I kidding, I said Penny Arcade and you all already decided what booth to hit.

As I have learned:
If you stop by the booth (and yes, feel free) during Con hours, we will likely be fried as hell and may seem disgruntled. This is because we are fried as hell and disgruntled. It's not you, it's us. More to the point, it's the neverending mobius strip of fans who show up and the horde of congoers. However, we also like going out for drinks/dinner after, and don't mind grabbing other homies to tag along.

As I often say to my friends for a private party: Who's in?
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