Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

GIP, because

I stole this icon flagrantly from bellasmommy, because she posted in another community that she gave permission, as long as original credit was given. And by original credit, she MEANS it (rather than "credit MEEEE 'cause I cropped it, instead of crediting the original creator"), which I <3, so I have done so in icon comments and do so further here. But I also further give her credit for the cropping and animation, and generally being awesome.

The sequence is from this particular entry here:

It's brilliant. This is why this icon is my new official "To-DOOM" icon, because this is usually the mindset I'm in when I make one of those posts. CLEAN ALL THE MOTHERFUCKING THINGS! Then as you all know, I crash hideously after a day or two and go into "Internet Forever" mode. (If you don't know what I mean, stop here and go read the frigging essay.)

One of my favorite bits in this essay is a mis-hear(see) on my part. In the comedown sequence, the image text is actually "bank :(" but I originally and instinctively now see it as "bank'n", which for some reason SO resonates with me. The original mood is proudly shouting "GOING TO THE BANK LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING ADULT!!" but later when you're fighting the crash and the epic lack of spoons that puts you in debt for weeks at least, you still feel the obligation to announce your attempt, to prove you're NOT slacking, but all you can manage at that point is an exhausted, bitter, mumbled "bank'n. fuggoff."

Above and beyond this, EVERY POST in this blog is pure, hysterical genius. Half of them I don't identify with but they're so brilliantly written and illustrated that I love them anyway. Then the other half... oh lord, the essay on How a Fish Almost Destroyed My Childhood had my crying and choking with laughter, and then emailing my parents to link them and yelling "SEE WHAT YOU DID WITH THE BUNNIES?! THIS IS WHY I'M TWISTED!"

I absolutely <3 her entire blog and mindset, and if I ever get to meet her I am buying her beer and nachos in abundance.
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