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Dear brain: WTF? AKA: The horror! The horror!

Signs you know you're an irredeemable geek #1,692:

You have a nightmare that WoW decided to make Goldshire into a permanent cross-faction ERP zone. But to accommodate the cross-faction-ness, for some reason they pull a Culling of Stratholme and have all Horde characters morph into an Alliance equivalent when they cross the town border. Also, for some reason, it was permanently stuck in Winter Veil, probably to enforce Santa's Helper costumes.

The real horror was the fact that they had a new set of accomplishments for ERP. The ony ones I remember were "Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya" for mailbox dancing, and "Pants on the Ground" for public nudity. There were more, but fortunately as a sanity-saving measure I forgot them when I woke up. Although I do remember one was some kind of a Lovecraft pun, which means it probably involved boinking a Dranei.

If anyone needs me, I'll be quietly sipping caffeine and making a o_O face for a while.

Yes, and I fully expect you twisted bastards to start coming up with your own and making badges to torment me with. Because that's what I'd do if the situation were reversed.
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