Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Things that are win.

So, we have rock band going on. _vox_ did a VERY lovely rendition of Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life". J., in a drunken testosterone-fueled stupor, decided he could beat her high score. I rolled my eyes and fled. I ended up in the kitchen with shinga and firestarter333

Me: Is he having an emo-off, or what?
Shinga: Lols. *turns away to talk to firestarter*
Me: *starts making drink*
J.: *starts ramping up into epic chorus*
Me: >.> *puts down booze*
Me: <.< *taps shinga on shoulder*
Shinga: Wuh?
Me: *raises eyebrows*
Me & Shinga: *in perfect synchronization, strike a dramatic 80's pointing pose at each other as the chorus hits* WAKE ME UP INSYIIIIIIIDE!
t_bearsrevenge: *springing randomly from around the corner in basso* WAKE ME UP!
Firestarter333 (who is an opera singer): *topples over on the floor of the kitchen laughing too hysterically to stand*

It's one of those moments that you often TRY to make happen, like the Slow Clap, but they end up mistimed and awkward. This, by dint of fate, went off absolutely flawlessly and must be recorded for posterity.
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