Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Raw Feeding IV: The Actual Feedening

So, first night's feeding: Cats go enthusiastically *HOMF HOMF HOMF* for about 3 minutes, then wander off, content in the knowledge that leftovers will be available later. I attempt to dissuade them of this fact, they ignore me. 30 minutes later* I take away the rest of the food. Epic Whining commences. An hour later I finally give in and give them another dollop of food. They sniff at it, and convinced that there is now food waiting for them, commence to lounge about and ignore it. I curse roundly and after 30 minutes, dump the Untouched But Now Potentially Bacteria-Tainted food out. Cue Epic Whining Round 2. I stoically attempt to ignore it.

Second morning's feeding: I dole out significantly smaller portions of raw food than last night (it was noted that with raw food, cats need significantly less, same as a person eating steak vs. ramen). Cats nyam nyam on it for a minute or two, then partake of their usual routine of Zerg-Rush-ing my desk with the "MAWWWWM GIVE US REAL FUDS" routine, I capitulated that they might need a bit of transition, so I mixed a half-can of regular gooshyfuds (1/4 can per bowl of raw) into the mix. They inhaled everything except for a few scraps of commercial stuff, which was enough to tell me they were Full Enough (if they were still hungry, I know from experience they'd polish every last molecule off the sides). I took the bowls, dumped them in the dishwasher, and let them howl their displeasure that There Is Not Food Waiting For Me, Mom, The World Is Ending!

Second evening's feeding: I try to feed them around 6:30 PM, as this is when I usually get home. By 6:15 they were so MOM MOM MOM I STARVE I BOUNCE OFF YOUR HEAD MOM MOM that I grabbed the food from the fridge, warmed it, added 1/4 can of commercial gooshy and set it out. They horfed it down with no complaints, again leaving some scraps of the commercial stuff, signifying they were full. After a half hour, I grabbed the bowls, rinsed them out and dumped them in the sinkful of soapy water to be dealt with after dinner tonight. Cue HOWL HOWL HOWL HOWL. I'm 99% sure that I've got the proportions of food they need down, because although it's a lot less than what I'm used to, I was told to expect this. Right now I just need to get them past the idea that residual fuds == security, as well as "I don't need to get full, because fuds will be there a while". I've been avoiding free-feeding to keep that from happening, but apparently they've been hoarding back a bit of the canned stuff after I go to work and have developed a bit of that on their own.

*30 minutes is the limit most vet-based recipes agree on leaving out raw food to avoid bacterial contamination. The kittehs hate this.The stupid part is, Raist knows better. When he was actively diabetic, I could only feed him every twelve hours, on the dot, while checking his blood glucose level. He got used to being fed twice a day, for 30 minutes only, on a regular schedule. But I guess he thinks adding his voice to the Snotlings will help keep this from happening again. NYO.
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