Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

I'm sure this is how Hannibal Lecter started...

So tonight I am beginning my first foray into Raw Feeding. This is based on the unfortunate combination of facts that A: Raistlin, as a recovering diabetic, cannot eat dry food, and B. it's recently been discovered that Palin has a rather violent allergy to some unidentified additive in commercial canned food.

So! Done my research, compared various vet-approved recipes for comparative nutrition levels based on the needs of the various purrbags, etc., bought a GREEAT HYUGE MUCKLIN GRINDARRR and am now in the midst of it, although taking a break for a moment. Had to hit up 3 different stores, but managed to find everything except fresh chicken heart. Going to see if there are any local small butchers or bodegas where I might be able to score some on a regular basis, since it's better (and cheaper) than using powdered taurine as a substitute.

So far, I've learned that hacking off and snipping up chunks of raw chicken with poultry shears is more:
1. easy
2. disgusting, and
3. awesome

than I expected. I've also set out the "slurry ingredients", so next up is: GRINDIN' THEIR BONES TAE MAKE MY BREAD CATFUD! I am looking forward to this entirely too much to be healthy. I'm just sad I couldn't get the actual hearts, I was half-tempted to dress up as an Aztec priestess*. But bones and livers will have to do. More after I return!

*This has made me realize, I think Aztec gods were actually cats. "You! Dress up in shiny things and feathers! Now, bring me prey! No no, play with it first! Torment it! Some disemboweling! Yeah, there you go!"
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