Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

History and silliness

EDIT: Initial goal met, comp fixed, J. squeeing like a schoolgirl. We didn't make the bikini goal, but certainly enough to get video of old comp getting the Office Space treatment. Look for it soon!


The short version: James' computer has just eaten itself. For those of you watching, this means YES, Two Lumps is impacted. We can still keep churning it out, but we have to do so on his netbook, which is incredibly sloooowwwww. We are asking plz plz plz for fan donations to help him (and thereby us) get up and running in a non-snail-like fashion again. If you can, here is das link: (removed)

"BUT WHAT DO I GET?!" You may be screaming, for which I don't blame you. Other than the continuation of Two Lumps, if the donations top $500, we will give you a video of our disposal of said computer what has caused all this grief! Our friend jperegrine has given us use of his family land to blow up many a thing in the past and we are happy to record the demise of this traitorous piece of equipment and make it available to those who ushered in its worthy death. I personally vow to use my 10 gauge Steampunk Boomstick for this purpose if the price is met. I'll even dress up for it, Steampunk style. Seriously.

Apparently for 3 grand, James will wear a bikini, if you're into that sort of thing. BUT REGARDLESS!

Check it out people. We tend to work at a loss to make this comic happen. (I'll send you last year's taxes if you don't believe me.) PLZ HALP!
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