Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

La Chef Triumphante!

Chillies Rellenos stuffed with grilled fajita-spiced chicken breast, low-fat monterey jack, and greek oregano, coated in hand-whipped double-folded beer batter, and baked to avoid the fat of frying. Served with steamed Spanish rice pilaf.

And freaking DELICIOUS.

DAMN, I rule! :D

< /smug>**

EDIT: And now staying up until midnight so I can start a crockpot full of czarina69's mega-awesome chipotle bean stew for a work potluck tomorrow. I'm just turning into a domestic little thing, aren't I?

EDIT2: Okay, two admissions. First: I want to go back in time and find what masochistic chronic-wanking motherfucker* ever discovered hand-whipping egg whites to peak consistency, and punch him in the junk. Yes, okay, I should have used an electric beater. But at the time I figured "Ah, it's not that many whites, and I'm not making meringue, how hard can it be?" AUGH CHRIST MY ARM.

Second: Okay, truth, I totally did a little Beyonce victory dance when these came out awesome. I spent so many years believing that I was cooking-impaired, every success like this is a thing of celebration for me.

* Oh please, name me one other type of person who would obsessively perform THAT motion on a bowl of glop of THAT color and consistency for a goddamn half-hour for no heretofore known good reason.

** Yes, that's a Red Dwarf joke. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!
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