Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


OK, warning that this might be at-first triggery. BUT if you watch it all the way through, it actually isn't. Holy crap, as a writer I have to say this is an AMAZING example of the traditional use of societal stereotypes and the use of visual cues and soundtrack to trigger conditioned responses via media. Fucking BRILLIANT. I literally gave this a standing ovation in awe (in my freaking home office, the cats were not impressed).

More examples of what I think is FASCINATING juxtaposition of actual film content and creative editing/soundtrack to make the movie look like whatever you want vs. the actual plot (most of these below were part of a competition to do just that, the one above was an independent film):

Okay, this one I can't take seriously but it cracked me the HELL up because I always thought the reflection thing was creepy as shit:
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