Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


Also I forgot to mention, whilst at the Brideapalooza yesterday, we were walking past the area where they'd had a fashion show and it was still blaring a Generic Trendy Selection of Music. As we wandered through, we simultaneously realized that they were playing Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance". At a BRIDAL SHOW. I think Kat and I had this simultaneous reaction*:

Although the one secret <3 I really have about that song is that the first time I heard it, when she randomly changes to singing in French (Je veux t'amour, etc.), at which point my brain went "Oooh! Je parle la langue! Cool!" And then immediately she follows it up with "I don't wanna be friends", which my brain parsed as "I don't wanna be French!" And then she proceeded to repeat that line several times with mounting levels of urgency, which then reminded me of Pip in the South Park "Dodgeball" episode screaming "I'M NOT FUCKING FRENCH!" and everything devolved into a lot of controlling-car-whilst-cackling-hysterically from there.

* For those who don't know context, it was a DragonCon panel where someone asked one of the actors something about furries, and it turned out he had never heard of them. The rest of the panel tried to put off his education with "we'll tell you later" but he was having none of it, until finally one of his costars whispered an explanation in his ear. His reaction immediately following was what Kat and I did in stereo.
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