Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Busting the icon out again! (until I make a new one for the term detailed below)

So I have the extreme honor of being the MoH for the upcoming wedding of katballou and greyboy (as well as sneaky Hostess Ninja for the proposal itself). Today we went a-wandering to a local Bridapalooza* to start getting ideas and vendor business cards and whatnot.

Kat had a little button that said "Bride To Be" (given at the door) so people knew who to talk to. However, even though she had the button and I was just trailing along with my Giant Manila Envelope O' Doom (to hold paperwork/cards/etc.) and pen to take notes, people kept, half the time, talking to me instead of her. I kept pointing out "Dude, I already went through this, SHE'S the one making the decisions here!" About halfway through I realized that they thought I was probably her wedding planner, which gave both of us a bit of a giggle.

One vendor, who I think is a brilliant bastard, did nothing but print out sheets of stickers with your name, address, phone number, email addy, and wedding date on it for $6 for about 70 stickers. Given that EVERY booth had some kind of raffle giveaway going on, these ended up being utterly invaluable. We used about 50 of them and blessed the person who thought of it. He also had his booth located JUST inside the door, right after the booth where you had to sign up (on an extensive form, with a dearth of enough pens) for door prizes, which was excellent marketing, since everyone was going "Aw man, what a pain in the butt, I wonder how many more times I'll have to OH HEY!" So I was Official Stuff Collector and Sticker Distributor. "Hey, would you like a chance for a free-" *SCHWACK!* "YES WE WOULD!"

We spent a few hours tasting cake (Chambord buttercream om nom nom), looking at gorgeous dresses, listening to a truly epically talented man on violin, and generally bustling about. There was a level of high amusement at the beginning when we realized that the shirt I was wearing (a kind of tie-dye of various shades of purple, with victorian lace & paisley designs in black and silver) was pretty much exactly their color palette if you substituted copper for silver. So there was one instance of "what's your color palette?"
Me: *strikes pose*
Vendor: "So you asked her to wear that?"
Kat: "No, she's just made of awesome."
Vendor: "Hey, there's no 'just' about being Maid of Honor!"
Kat: "No, she's that too, but I said... OH! OH! New title! You are officially Maid of Awesome!"
Me: "SCORE!"

I also demanded she get get a chair massage and let me carry everything. I think my exact line was "Hush and be pampered, dammit!" "Yes Ma'am!"

Afterwards we retired to a brewpub, had some Ginormous Foods, talked about the show and about wedding plans and life in general. I now have some Evil Plans for the bachelorette party, and had a ton of fun just hanging out with her for the afternoon, because I so rarely have the time to do that with beloved friends. In all, it was an awesome day and now I am tired and full of glee. And cake.

* My current term for Bridal Fairs.
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