Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Bad dreams. Bad news. Bad vibes.

I'm pretty off today due to the above, and may likely be so the rest of the weekend, although I'm fighting it as best I can. (Tally ho, lists and plans! Be thou my sword and shield against the tribulations of mine own headmeats!)

To counter, here are things that are good and I am grateful for:

- New/replacement combat boots arrived today! I shall be breaking them in this weekend as best I can.
- Weather is verra nice!
- Seems the bone degeneration in my jaw has stopped (although no signs of regrowth yet), which means A. not currently in danger of losing any teeth, and B. the osteo is probably at least finally halted in the rest of my system. Next up: regrowth, and being able to get back into martial arts!
- I make a pretty darn tasty spicy chicken & wild rice casserole, if I do say so myself.
- The backyard planting beds are all cleared & ready to be assaulted. I am finishing up plans for veggie plantings in the next few weeks as the weather warms. YOU WILL ALL PHEAR MY SQUASH!
- The annoying broken fan-light in the bedroom turns out to only need a $3 part instead of being pain-in-the-assedly replaced entirely, so I should be able to beat it back into shape quickly and easily today. Yay google!
- Figured out a way to make house payments online, which will make financial balancing much easier.
- Kittehs are fat, happy, and 2/3 full of piss and vinegar. (And 1/3 full of love and snugglins and purring)
- Trin is awesome, brilliant, creative and wacky.
- Husbean is healthy, creative (and prolific), and extremely patient with my wacked-ass sleep issues lately.
- Friends are wonderful, supportive, and various combinations of healthy & ok. (Nobody's perfect, but I don't know of anyone who is dying/being foreclosed/etc.)
- I found a severely awesome anniversary gift, despite being eBay-screwed out of the first 2 awesome gifts I found. Take that, ninja jerkbags!
- Slowly whittling away at my epic to-do list. It keeps doing the "two steps forward, one step back" thing, but a lot of those are recurring chores, etc., so I'm making actual progress on the seasonal stuff & one-offs.
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