Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Twu wuv

Something that is strangely touching and more than a little TMI:

As most cat owners know, going to the restroom without leaving a cat-sized crack in the door is an offense punishable by Death By Howling and Rattling. So it's a standard if guests are not in the house to leave said cat-sized gap so they can make sure you're not sitting on the loo and eating all the gooshyfood yourself, or something.

Sitting on the bog thanks to day 2 of Hideous Gastrointestinal Wrenching of Doom, and Palin comes in and sits on my feet possessively. Then, out in the living room, there is a sudden CRACKLE RUSTLE SKID! as his brother leaps on the giant plastic wrapping that was around the box spring delivered today that has since been declared by household consensus as The Most Ultimate Cat Toy EVAR. Palin LEAPS to his feet and prepares to bolt out and fight to defend the glorious prize!

He stops and looks up at me.

Looks back at the doorway.

Heaves a resigned sigh, and sits back down on my feet, then bonks his head on my ankle and purrs like a jet engine.

If that doesn't melt your heart, I'm afraid you're a golem.

* Also, to give context, this cat is the equivalent age of an 8-year-old child. So if you're not into the pet thing, at least give credit for the kid-choosing-the-emotionally-mature-route factor of the thing. :)
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