Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Merry Merry Quite Contrary

So, because I have been whacked with a bat subtly reminded, should anyone wish to begift me in this begifting season, voila! My list o' reading stuffs!

In the process of updating said list (since I haven't poked at it since just after my birthday), I noticed two things.

1. It's now trying to pimp me my own books. For the life of me, I have no idea how to mark these. I mean, "I already own this" is a given, but then I have to rate it and you get into the whole "Am I being honest? Am I being self-inflating? Am I being overly denigrating? What am I actually worth?" spiral of doubt and aieeeeergh. But the only other choice is "Not Interested" and HEY FUCK YOU INTERNETS, I am SO interested because I AM BRILLIANT and WITTY and okay fine, fuck you, five stars. Happy?

2. I started going through my recommendations and I got to this book. And then J. spent 2 minutes trying to figure out if I was having a stroke of some kind.

Then when he figured out I was laughing too hard to breathe and hence was making a desperate HWOOP HWOOP noise whilst hand-jiving, he started trying to get me to explain what was so funny.

After another 3 minutes of HWOOPing he gave it up for a lost cause and simply looked over my shoulder, at which point the description pounced on him and feasted on his carotid. Metaphorically speaking. Although that might be the only thing that could make this potential book any more badass. I mean, SERIOUSLY.

So, if any of you guys don't buy me this book for the holidays, buy it for yourselves, because based on the title and description alone I'd say it's worth the price. It's like J. and Bruce Campbell had a love child or something.
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