Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes


So, any TL fans out there who're all into Wikipedia and need a project? Someone's tagging our article again asking for more references, citations, info, etc. to be added to keep it from being deleted for non-notability. I could certainly do it myself, but:

A. That feels really self-serving, and
B. I am so freaking busy right now it's insane. Come to think of it, last time someone did this it was in the middle of December too. Are they hoping we'll all be too busy with the holidays and let it die without noticing? Or are they lonely and bitter over the season and lashing out in a SAD-fueled rage at everyone? Or am I letting my cold meds play Sherlock Holmes again? Most likely.

Regardless, there it is. HALP PLZ, O internets people!

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