Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Oh all right, thumbs up then.

So, started playing Dragon Age: Origins a couple of days ago. And despite a lot of original curmudgeony harrumphing about Back In My Day RPG/RTS games Were Much Better Uphill in the Snow Both Ways, I have to admit I REALLY REALLY am loving this game so far. As I was telling jconstantine, it's the snappy dialogue and plot writing of Baldur's Gate crossed with the realistic* gore factor of Silent Hill, the physics of Half-Life, the graphics of Oblivion on CRACK, the party composition options of Fallout, and the cutscene technology is OFF THE CHAIN. At the beginning of the game I was raving that they managed to work the actual graphics of the character who you get to design to a Sims-like level of detail into the scenes. HA! Shortly I realized that it doesn't just encompass that, it encompasses what equipment you've equipped on your party, how bloody they are from recent battle, and what spell or other statuses they have on them at the time.

The "other statuses" nearly killed me with laughter this afternoon as I discovered the Most Awesome Glitch EVAR.
1. I play a mage.
2. My mage likes the fire blast.
3. Fire blast does Damage Over Time.
4. There are some incidents where a baddie you are fighting will, upon reaching a certain low level of health, immediately quit battle and go into a dialogue cutscene to negotiate surrender.
5. I did mention the 100% dynamic state cutscenes, yes?
6. Stay tuned for multiple hysterical screenshots of me having calm, lengthy dialogues with people who are currently ON FIRE and, in fact, half charred to death.

Also, I think I've developed an actual crush on a video game character for the first time since Guybrush Threepwood. Er, that is, I think the AI and dialogue writing is brilliant, and the voice actor stepped into the role in an applaudably natural manner that deserves accolades.

*sneaks off to doodle "Mrs. Alistair GreyWarden" on notebook*

* By "realistic" I mean "The actual amount and pressure trajectory of blood that would erupt from Horrible Wound X on a human form" and not "the likelihood of existence of Skinless Demon Hound who supposedly inflicted it".
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