Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

One of those "Hi, I'm old" posts.

So it was brought to my attention today that I know a bunch of people who do not have the same growing-up experience I did, due to either age or geography. So I thought I'd share, just so those of us who remember can laugh, and those who don't can marvel at how we didn't all end up axe murderers.

Generational things:
- Teeny Little Superguy
- Batty Batty Bat - I will admit to waltzing wildly and drunkenly around a goth club whilst singing this loudly with J. If you can't laugh at yourself, you're doing something wrong.*
- The SECOND Spiderman theme song
- I'm Just A Bill - They got us cynical about law reform early.
- Time For Timer - I blame this fucker for my cheese addiction. Along those same lines, when did John Travolta actually give a crap about my teeth?

Regional Things:
- Charlie & Humphrey
- Pussy Cow AKA Cal Worthington and His Dog Spot (although I found out this is regional, but NOT just to Cali like I thought) - This dude was a nutbag car salesman. Apparently around 1965 he did a commercial with his dog, hence the theme song. Then he actually hit a good patch of sales, and he made a schtick out of his commercials being of him and "his dog Spot" who was always some animal anomoly: seal, bear, lion, tiger, nile monitor, you name it. It became a kind of joke in Cali to know what his current "dog Spot" was. He also usually got mauled by whatever "Spot" was. South Park's Kenny was kind of a reprise for us. But the theme song's chorus of "Go see Cal" was cheaply slurred enough that there is an entire generation of people who think he was singing "pussy cow" for some reason. Dude, the guy is calling a goat a dog, who's to question his songwriting?
No, seriously. This guy was epic. Apparently since the late 90's his commercials have been a lot more standard and less insane, which sucks in my opinion, because as much as I hate to admit it, BREAD AND CIRCUSES WORKS DAMMIT!

- Count and the mad scientist - I tend to think of this every time I have a last-minute bizarre-ass site change that is literally 3 hours from live launch and some manager decides they want to change EVERYTHING. Design, layout, content, color, EVERYTHING. But of course the deadline cannot be moved. The insane screaming is pretty much real life.

*My gods, I just remembered next year the cruise goth club will take requests. MOO HOO HA HA HAAAAAAAA!

Anyone else got stuff they want to throw up? Er... contribute to the thread?
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