Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

Jiggety Jig.

We are HOAM. Chilling, drinking, pacifying cats, sorting through a metric fuckton of photos and video. More detailed posts to come. Highlights to be explained later:

- Ethereal Dog of Beans
- Toxic Children
- Naked Animals
- "I will totally break my foot for a king-sized bed."
- Telling one of the keyboardists from Modulate "Holy shit, I thought you were like, twelve! ...Wow, I'm a total asshole. I have Epic Fail at compliment."
- "Son, you got a monkey on yo' head."
- Randomly beatboxing at cruise karaoke when the CD player failed and getting a standing ovation from the crowd. Skill I never knew I had: noted
- The Steak Curse
- The Goats Hunters
- "Shut up! I'm the Fish Whisperer!" "Is that like *blub blub*?"
- The Pizza Nemesis
- Singing "I'm On a Boat" loudly with the keyboardist from Cruciform Injection on the Tampa trolley
- Discussing the Totally Justified Need for crap food after a show/con with Jessica from Cruxshadows
- The Cruxshadows/Cruciform Injection Random Irish Jig of Awesome
- Inventing a new drink (Citron vodka, cranberry and red bull): "I need a name for this!" "FISTING KITTENS!" "What does that have to do with anything?" "Nothing, I just want to order one in a bar!"
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