Mel Hynes (takhisis) wrote,
Mel Hynes

My brain is a terrifying place

Things that disturb me: Having a dream about three businessmen who are kidnapped by a pack of early-twentysomething med school dropouts in the SoCal/Nevada desert, and are, over a series of days, forced to cook and eat sequential parts of themselves. Particularly one scene of a man being forced, shotgun pressed to his head, to hold a lump of his own thigh in his bare hands over an open bonfire, screaming as both hands and lump roast slowly in the flames. Over time, parts of the men are mad-scientist grafted onto each other to keep them alive as long as possible and continue the torturous mayhem.

Things that REALLY disturb me: My sleeping mind portrayed this as a movie trailer.

Things that make me reconsider my medication: The movie was being portrayed as a "wacky dark comedy" starring Daniel Stern and Oliver Platt. (Can't remember who the third businessman was.) Complete with goofy soundtrack. And a clip of Stern's head grafted onto the stump of Platt's wrist, screaming "OH GOD, NO! I WAS HIS COLLEGE ROOMMATE, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW OFTEN THIS MAN MASTURBATES?!"

Pray I never go to Hollywood, people.
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